Causes of Damp

Damp can be caused by various factors, many of which can be prevented if you know what they are. Preventatives to stop damp will always be cheaper than methods needed to fix damage, although unfortunately sometimes it is too late.

Damp problems can occur anywhere that is exposed to moisture such as rain, external gutters and water pipes that run throughout the property

There are three main types of damp, all of which are a result of different causes;

Penetrating Damp

This form of damp is caused by moisture getting into the property by going through ceilings, floors and walls. This will often be caused by a plumbing corruption either internal or external which can cause extensive damage to plaster, timber and wall joints

Rising Damp

Rising damp is the least common form of damp to be found within the household as it is caused from moisture from the ground. All property should have been built do that the structure is not accessible to moisture from the ground which is usually the case, this is why it is the least common form of damp.

When a property becomes damages and start to deteriorate there is risk of moisture from the ground to by drawn into the property to then decay internal aspects such as plaster and skirting boards, this is rising damp.

Condensation Damp

Over 20% of homes will be affected by condensation damp making it the most common form of damp occurring. The cause of condensation damp is cold moist air getting trapped within a confined space.

If a room has poor ventilation and there is consistent temperature change in a room such as the heating being turned on and off, water droplets will begin to appear on walls and windows which will then lead to the growth of a dark mould and distasteful smell.


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