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Question: What are the causes of damp issues?

Answer: The majority of damp caused in homes is a result of environmental conditions such as adapting weather conditions. In London there are rising issues with changes in the weather each year which is resulting in damp causes combining which are then defeating pre-existing damp proofing.

The most common causes of damp in the home are;

  • Leaks
  • Damage to the roof
  • Single glazed windows
  • Deterioration of property structure

Question: What is a DPC?

Answer: When there is risk of moisture getting into a property it is due to the property not having the ability in the structure to prevent it. A Damp proof course adds a form of material to a buildings structure which has the sole purpose to keep moisture out.

The importance of damp proofing very high as the consequences of damp spreading throughout a structure can cause extensive damage to the health of the building and the aesthetic qualities.

Question: How much will it cost to fix my damp problem?

Answer: Every damp problem will be unique is terms of how far along the damp problem has progressed and the size of the damage that has been caused. If you want an rough quote for your damp problems, use our damp proof estimator calculator to see what the different options are.

Question: Are your treatments guaranteed, if so how long for?

Answer: Yes, we guarantee that all of our damp proofing methods and solutions will work. Depending on what damp proofing method you require we will guarantee that it will be functional for at least 10 years. Typically services such as woodworm and dry rot treatments will be guaranteed for 20 years.

The solutions we use to treat timber will vary depending on the extent of the damage done to the structure before the treatment is carried out.

Question: What method of damp proofing do I need?

Answer: We provide various methods of damp proofing in order to provide you with the specific cure for the damage done to your property or to prevent damage being done to your property. If you find symptoms that suggest damp could occur in your property there are a few step you can take as a preventative:

  • Dry clothing and other items outside where possible
  • Open windows when there is excessive moisture in the air such as when cooking or bathing
  • Install vents to provide necessary ventilation
  • Limit the amount of wet objects in the property such as outdoor equipment

Question: How long do I need to wait to redecorate after walls have been damp proofed and replastered?

Answer: There are many conditions that will have an impact on the amount of time it takes for the damp proof method applied and plaster to have settles into the structure. Aspects such as the thickness of the plaster and the ventilation available will help to determine the length of time required.

We recommend that you wait at least 8 weeks before you apply paint to the surface otherwise there is risk of the paint cracking and flaking. If you wish to apply wallpaper to the area we recommend that you wait 12 months as the water needs to leave the damp proofing naturally.

Question: How do I know if my home is already damp proofed?

Answer: The majority of properties built after the 1860's will have be built with damp proofing. The problem is that the damp proofing installed at the time would have been for the requirements at the time which may have now changed making the damp proofing insufficient.

If you are unsure whether or not your property has adequate damp proofing systems installed book a free survey here.

Question: You've given me a quote, how long is this valid for?

Answer: Once we have carried out a survey within your property we will give you a quote for a solution which will be valid for three months. After this we would need to re-evaluate the damp issue within your property at risk of it worsening, meaning that a different damp proofing system would be required.

Question: What areas do you cover?

Answer: As a growing business we cover the whole of the South East including London and the Home Counties. We have many offices located within the South East to make our service as convenient and fast as possible. If you wish to know more about the services we provide in your area, don't hesitate to call.

  • London | 020 8950 9070 | Watford | 01923 242441 | St. Albans | 01727 846949 |Slough | 01753 511154
  • Luton | 01582 726565 | Reigate | 01737 226633 | Brighton | 01273 358111 | Oxford | 01865 920111

Question: How experienced are your surveyors?

Answer: We have been established as a successful company for over 30 years and for all those years we have carried out various treatments using our own skilled operatives who are highly experienced with damp proofing.

Unlike many of our competitors we offer a genuine guarantee to ensure that if any of our work does become faulty that we will rectify the issue for free.

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