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damp proofing in Nast Hyde. Extensive works have just been concluded within their end of terrace house.


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houseowners in Hammerfield need quick, well-priced damp proofing to solve their building problems that could be within a apartment or workplace.

Our services can include damp and timber surveys / rising damp in Hertfordshire / condensation control in Hertfordshire / damp proofing etc.

Searching for a survey on a semi-detached house locally? Contact to our trustworthy engineers and they can perform a fast free site visit. At Kenwood plc, the team are renowned for their excellence and expertise.Phone them now on 01923 242441.

damp treatments products - Relax - 20 years guarantee (tanking and structural waterproofing for 10 years)

Like many other customers, you may be a tenant or contractor in HP1 or close to Hertfordshire and are anxious that your home / period property or 2 bed flat has damp or rot problems, then Kenwood Damp Proofing can organise a free survey usually in the same week. Typically, our services are guaranteed for 20 years (in the case of tanking and structural waterproofing it is 10 years). Click here. Over the years we have issued in excess of 100,000 and Kenwood is one of the few companies whose trading history exceeds the terms of its guarantees.

With over 4000 satisfied customers a year...

Kenwood Plc can offer quotations and site surveys with our our instant price tool. It is our goal to provide reasonably priced damp proofing-related solutions. Click here photo gallery.. Prices start from £399 + vat and with Kenwood 'Easy Payment Plan' its a competitively priced.

35 years practical and survey experience

We have a great customer base around Hertfordshire. We have been undertaking and supplying treatments for over thirty years. That is why our home owners depend on Kenwood Damp Proofers and why they come back to our services.

our company offer or supply damp treatments products in Hertfordshire such as Upper Dunsley. In three decades our reliable operatives have impressed people with their efficiency. Hammerfield

Kenwood supplys a selection of solutions for faults including condensation, dry rot and:

  • damp proofing treatments
  • cellar damp proofing
  • treatments of woodworm
  • rising damp proofing

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Kenwood Plc are the local expert in Damp Proofing, Basement Waterproofing, Condensation Control including Dry rot and Woodworm infestation.. 4.85 out of 5 based on 984 reviews
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