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condensation in Shephall. Extensive works have just been concluded within their Victorian property.

convenient condensation removal now with 25 per cent off

Recently finished jobs in homes near you!

houseowners in Hammerfield need swift, popularly priced condensation to quickly deal with maintenance problems in a shop or workplace.

Our services can include damp and timber surveys for Victorian property or terraced property / expert advice and help near Hammerfield / ceilings and /or walls near Hammerfield / condensation etc.

Are you looking for a free site visit on a terraced house near Hammerfield, Garston or Redbournbury? Our friendly highly trained engineers can perform a fast site visit. Our surveyors and specialists are known for their professionalism and excellence.Give them a call now on 01923 242441.

condensation removal - Accepted by Conveyancers everywhere - genuine 20 year guarantees

Like many other customers, you may be a tenant or contractor in HP1 or close to Hertfordshire and are concerned that your period property / old house or flat has damp or rot problems, then Kenwood Damp Proofers can arrange a survey usually in the same week. Many of our treatments are guaranteed for 10 or even 20 years. See Damp proofing, woodworm and dry rot treatments are guaranteed for 20 years.

Competitive prices every time

We supply quotations to owner-occupiers around Hertfordshire. We can give surveys and estimates using our online damp estimator. We hope to offer reasonably priced condensation solutions. Almost 33% of our customers in Hammerfield have come to us through recommendation. Prices start from £400.

In thirty years our hard-working staff have impressed people with their diligence. convenient condensation removal now with 25 per cent off

Kenwood provides a choice of services for maintenance issues including dry rot, rising damp and:

  • vandex tanking
  • internal damp proofing
  • waterproofing walls
  • damp proofing for stone walls

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Phone us on 01923 242441 to get more information on condensation with our team members or arrange a quick free survey. Frequently we have engineers near Hammerfield.

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