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basement tanking project in Venus Hill. This recent project just completed by Kenwood's has entailed the damp proofing and tanking of many walls, as well as the waterproofing of a vaulted under pavement area and the laying of a new waterproof floor screed within.

Wallington tanked cellars

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Are you a home owner looking for effective treatments for woodworm in Wallington?

Wallington tanked cellars

you may be moving house and have found issues in your cellar, bedroom or stairway and you want local, practical and guaranteed tanked cellars. Many private property owners around Wallington and Hertfordshire want speedy, affordable basement tanking in order to remove building problems in their maisonette or workplace.

We offer Transparent costs and fees / airbrick fitment or replacement / condensation products in Hertfordshire / basement tanking etc.

Contact to our diligent employees and they can do a swift free site visit. At Kenwood Damp Proofing, the surveyors and specialists are often noted for their expertise and efficiency.

tanked cellars - Set in stone - 20 years guarantee (tanking and structural waterproofing for 10 years)

Perhaps you're a home-owner or contractor in SG7 or close to Hertfordshire and are and are informed by your buyer that your 2 bed flat / flat or house has damp or rot problems, then Kenwood can organise a free inspection usually in the same week. Our solutions are offered with a guarantee of over a decade. Click here for guarantees.

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Kenwood Plc can offer damp inspections with our our online estimator. It is our goal to provide economical basement tanking-related services. Many old houses in Hertfordshire lack an effective damp proof course and may suffer from damp, rot and woodworm. Prices start from £400 and with Kenwood 'Easy Payment Plan' its a competitively priced.

Kenwood plc can do tanked cellars in Hertfordshire such as Bovingdon. For thirty years our handy operatives have impressed landlords or home-owners with their reliability. Wallington tanked cellars

At our company, we supply a choice of treatments for faults such as rising damp, damp rot and:

  • cellar tanking
  • damp proofing basements
  • damp proof membranes for walls
  • damp assessments

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