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condensation in Golders Green. Following the completion of damp proofing works to a building in East Sussex our client required the eradication of damp and woodworm within the flats located on the site.

recommended condensation treatments by the number one company in damp proofing

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Are you a private property owner looking for humidity controls for your home or office in Golders Green?

recommended condensation treatments by the number one company in damp proofing

you may have had a house survey and discovered issues in your basement, bathroom or lounge and you want professional and effective condensation treatments. Many homeowners around Golders Green and London want quick, reasonably priced condensation to quickly deal with maintenance problems in a semi-detached house or apartment.

Our services include in depth investigations / condensation units / extractor ventilators / common furniture beetle / condensation etc.

Are you looking for a free site visit on a office in Golders Green? Chat to our friendly engineers and they can offer a fast free inspection. At Kenwood plc, the employees are known for their expertise and diligence.Give them a call now on 0208 950 9070.

condensation treatments - Accepted by Banks for mortgage purposes - our damp proofing, woodworm and dry rot treatments are guaranteed for 20 years and our tanking and structural waterproofing for 10 years.

You may be a owner-occupier close to NW11 and concerned that your maisonette / workplace or house suffers from damp or rot problems. If so, Kenwood can often arrange a free survey usually in under 48 hours. Our solutions are offered with a guarantee of over a decade. Click here for guarantees.

Why do people return to our company?

We have a great customer base around London. Additionally, we offer a range of insurance products for your peace of mind. That is why our private property owners depend on Kenwood and why they reuse our treatments. For about thirty years our trustworthy specialists have impressed landlords or home-owners with their reliability. recommended condensation treatments by the number one company in damp proofing At Kenwood plc, we supply a range of services for issues such as damp rot, condensation and:

  • waterproof renders
  • treatments of woodworm
  • dampness correction
  • water proofing

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Talk to us on 0208 950 9070 to obtain professional advice and more information on condensation with our team or arrange a swift free inspection. We regularly have engineers in Golders Green.

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Kenwood Plc are the local expert in Damp Proofing, Basement Waterproofing, Condensation Control including Dry rot and Woodworm infestation.. 4.85 out of 5 based on 984 reviews
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condensation treatments Located at GoldersRoad, Golders Green, NW11. Phone: 020 8950 9070.
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