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I write to thank both Kenwood Plc and in particular the staff who carried out the works at my property, for the neat and efficient way in which the works were carried out. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kenwood again. Honor Blackman

instant mould treatments caring for your home

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landlords or home-owners in TW9 need speedy, affordable removing mould to quickly deal with maintenance problems in a workplace or detached house.

Among our services are inspections for home or flat / water retardant additives / condensation control / removing mould etc.

Like many homeowners, are you looking for a site visit on a period property in TW9? Chat to our diligent highly trained operatives and they can perform a quick free inspection. At our company, the employees are renowned for their expertise and trustworthiness.Phone them now on 0208 950 9070.

mould treatments - 100,000 home owners trust Kenwood's 20 year guarantee on all damp proofing

If you are a home-owner or contractor in Brentford or close to London and are concerned that your old house / office or semi-detached house has damp or rot issues, then Kenwood can arrange a survey usually in 24-48 hours. Typically, our services are guaranteed for 20 years (in the case of tanking and structural waterproofing it is 10 years). Click here. Over the years we have issued in excess of 100,000 and Kenwood is one of the few companies whose trading history exceeds the terms of its guarantees.

30+ years practical and survey experience

We have been undertaking and supplying solutions for over thirty years. This is why our owner-occupiers have confidence in Kenwood plc and why they return to our treatments. Kenwood can do mould treatments in London such as West Barnes. In three decades our handy specialists have impressed home owners with their thoroughness. instant mould treatments caring for your home our company gives a range of solutions for problems including dry rot, condensation and:

  • waterproofing concretes
  • cavity wall insulation for damp
  • damp and timber reports
  • wet and dry rot treatments

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Call us on 0208 950 9070 to obtain professional advice and more information on removing mould with our operatives or arrange a fast inspection. We regularly have engineers in TW9.

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Kenwood Plc are the local expert in Damp Proofing, Basement Waterproofing, Condensation Control including Dry rot and Woodworm infestation.. 4.85 out of 5 based on 984 reviews
Better damp proofing for the home Located in London | Watford | St. Albans | Slough | Luton | Reigate | Brighton | Oxford, South East England. Phone: 0208 950 9070.
mould treatments Located at Brentford Road, TW9, Brentford. Phone: 020 8950 9070.
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