Condensation Control

Condensation Control
black and green mould growth on walls

Condensation control can help common household or domestic damp issues. These concerns can occur in blocks of flats, single households and commercial buildings alike, but is most common in residential buildings. Failing to use effective condensation control methods could cause wider issues for the whole building, but there are simple solutions.

How Does Condensation Appear?

Many properties, especially tenanted flats can suffer from condensation, resulting in black or green mould growth developing on furnishings, clothing and the walls, ceilings and surfaces within the property. This can be a result of poor ventilation and heating control. Cooking, cleaning , drying clothes etc and simply breathing will all generate moisture that needs to be vented to avoid cold surfaces become damp and mouldy.

Mild cases of condensation can be alleviated by the occupants managing the ventilation process, opening windows etc, however many properties lack basic ventilation provision such as suitable extractor fans in kitchens, bathroom etc and often windows cannot be left open for adequate periods due to security and safety issues.

Kenwood PLC are here to help with simple, high-quality condensation control systems to help you maintain better ventilation within the home.

How Does Condensation Control Work?

We have a wide range of solutions from humidity controlled extractors, single room heat recovery and whole house ventilation systems. Our engineers will supply and install the systems which are completely automated and require no control from the occupants of the property, ensuring correct ventilation as required.

Condensation Control

Kenwood condensation control systems are installed by our own highly trained, damp specialists, with minimum disruption to the occupants. The installation process is usually completed within one day.

Preventing damage to the external fabric of the building is a key consideration to freeholders. At Kenwood PLC, we utilise low impact, specialist diamond cutting equipment to avoid damage to external renders and brickwork.

During the installation, we use high-level dust extraction, allowing the property to remain occupied with minimal disruption to the tenants or home owner. Once the equipment is installed, the electrical connection is made, and an electrical certificate will be issued along with our certificate of guarantee. Our condensation control systems utilise low energy technology to ensure minimal operating costs.

Following the installation of our condensation control UK, an improvement in air quality will be immediately apparent and, after around 7 days, the mould will dry to powder which can be removed through washing or painted . Our installations are a cost-effective method of preventing condensation and 0% interest-free credit is available (subject to status).

Examples of the solutions available are shown below.

Reliable Condensation Control Solutions

In order to provide a reliable, effective solution to our customers damp and moisture problems, especially in tenanted properties where the owner does not occupy the residence, the most effective methods of condensation control UK are to improve the air quality by removing the damp laden air and ensuring a supply of fresh, filtered air into the property.

Kenwood Condensation Control Solutions

Kenwood PLC has a range of systems for condensation control UK, from simple extractor ventilators, single room solutions, incorporating heat recovery ventilators, to full positive pressure units and ventilation systems, which displace and dilute moisture-laden air and ensure air circulation within the property.

This provides the optimum distribution point for the incoming air, and installed in conjunction with Kenwood Passive Ventilators, achieves excellent removal of damp, humid air, preventing condensation with our effective condensation control UK.

Types Of Condensation Control Systems

The Kenwood Humidivent System is suitable for utility areas, kitchens and bathrooms in domestic properties. This is a low cost solution, which is ideal for damp or moisture issues that are isolated in one room or area. This more compact condensation control system still has the effective characteristics of the Kenwood range. A Humidivent is an electronically controlled extract unit which is fully automated, ensuring a condensation-free room, without the need for user controls or regular maintenance.

Kenwood Humidivents© continually extracts moisture and will automatically boost when excessive moisture is present.

Most normal bathroom extractors need to be operated by use of the light pull switch or need to be turned on and off by the occupants. This often fails to be effective as they are not operated sufficiently and are unable to sense when damp conditions are present, therefore do not prevent mould growth occurring.

Kenwood Humidivents© continually extracts moisture and will automatically boost when excessive moisture is present. This is especially beneficial when showers are used.

Kenwood Heat Recovery System

The Kenwood Heat Recovery System is most suitable for single rooms such as bedrooms. Where condensation is present within a bedroom or lounge environment, boost extract is undesirable and therefore the preferred solution is a Kenwood Heat Recovery ventilator©.

Condensation Control Unit Breakdown

This is an ideal solution, as this provides quiet, trickle ventilation, whilst maintaining up to 80% heat recovery, reducing heat loss and minimising running costs. This compact condensation control system provides an input of tempered dry air, whilst gently removing damp, moisture-laden air to the external environment.


The unit is very quiet and will be minimally disruptive, it is also a robust and reliable way of integrating condensation control into your home.

Kenwood Positive Pressure Ventilation System (Suitable For Flats)

Kenwood Positive Pressure Ventilation System (Suitable For Flats).

The Kenwood Positive Pressure Ventilation System is most suited to  flats.

Where condensation is more widespread, the Kenwood Positive Pressure Ventilation system© is an effective solution. A Kenwood condensation control unit is fitted to an external wall and operates by introducing fresh, filtered air into the property. In cooler weather, the automated temperature sensor activates, and the unit will gently temper the incoming air to reduce heat loss.

Installed in conjunction with Kenwood passive ventilators, the condensation control unit will effectively dilute and displace the damp air within the flat, ensuring a noticeable improvement in air quality and preventing mould growth occurring.

This method of condensation control UK is especially effective in situations where the owner does not live at the property and tenants are in occupation. Our engineers will install and set up the condensation control system, following which there are no user controls, ensuring the system operates efficiently without the need for manual action.

The principle of introducing a supply of fresh, filtered air, whilst removing damp, moist air via the passive ventilators elsewhere in the property provides an excellent solution for overcoming condensation problems in residential flats ensuring a healthy living space.

Kenwood Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems is the condensation control solution for larger spaces, including houses or flats with lofts and attics.

Kenwood Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems House and Loft

Whilst Kenwood positive pressure systems for houses operate on the same principle as the flats unit detailed above, these have the added advantage of concealing the control unit within the loft space, operating via a discreet grill installed in the ceiling, normally on the landing.

How Can We Help With Condensation Control?

Kenwood Plc has a range of systems for condensation control London, from simple extractor ventilators, single room solutions, incorporating heat recovery ventilators, to full positive pressure ventilation systems, which displace and dilute moisture-laden air and ensure air circulation within the property.

Please contact us to arrange for our surveyor to visit to provide a solution and quotation for your condensation control London needs.

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