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Condensation Installation in Egham

At this time of year with the colder weather, condensation is a common problem in many properties. This, if left untreated, can lead to significant and unsightly black mould which, without the introduction of adequate ventilation, will only deteriorate. Kenwood offer many different solutions depending on the layout of the property and the severity of the problem. Our latest project involved the installation of 4 units within the property. The Kenwood Heat Recovery Units were installed within the bedrooms, these units are whisper quiet and ventilate whilst minimizing heat loss.

Internal view of Kenwood Heat Recovery Unit

External view of Kenwood Heat Recovery Unit

Heat Recovery Unit Heat Recovery Unit External

Whilst Kenwoods Humidivents© were installed within the kitchen and bathroom. Many extractors on the market only operate when the light is turned on, Kenwood’s are different , they have an integral sensor to detect moisture levels and will boost when required. Our client took advantage of Kenwood easy payment plan too meaning that they could spread the cost over 10 months with 0% interest (subject to status).

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