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How to damp proof a basement

When damp proofing a basement it is important to assess the construction type, the nature of the treatment required and the proposed use of the basement ie: for habitable use, a store room or a basement car park for example.

Damp Proofing a BasementAssuming you are looking to damp proof a basement for habitable use such as bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms etc., water penetration is not acceptable and the basement waterproofing system will need to be designed accordingly.

This will include a review of the sources of moisture and the selection of an appropriate system to provide the desired outcome. Basement waterproofing may be either integral (i.e. waterproof concrete), external (applied during construction) or in the case of existing basements is likely to be either a Barrier System (such as Kenwood SWS Tanking) or one of Kenwood’s Cavity Drain Membranes.

Barrier Systems

Barrier systems, as the name suggests are a surface applied ‘barrier’ which bond to the structural walls and prevent water ingress. Walls and floors can be treated and are linked using a wall / floor joint.

Cavity drain membranes, allow water to enter the structure, however the water is then managed through a series of drains and / or channels to collect the water into a sump which is then pumped away from the property.

Both methods are effective for damp proofing basements and the selection of the system will often depend on the construction method and layout of the property and the extent of the treatment being performed. We offer both types of treatment and our highly experienced Surveyor’s will assess the basement and provide an appropriate solution.

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