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How to damp proof a cellar

Dam proofing a cellar or basement

Cellars were by definition not built to be dry spaces, they were typically used for the storage of coal and did not require the space to be dry or warm.

They are typically found in older properties as in modern times with newly built properties, if there is to be a below ground structure it is usually a basement and is consequently built to be a usable, dry living space. With many homes lacking in adequate storage facilities due to the small nature of most properties many people wish to use the cellar space in other ways.

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Depending on the size of the cellar it could be converted into habitable space or perhaps a downstairs toilet but in many cases they are used to store items which would not be possible in a damp cold environment.

There are different ways to damp proof a cellar depending on the size and the intended use.

Damp proofing methods

Structural Waterproofing System There is the Kenwood Structural Waterproofing System which involves the removal of all plaster and paint to expose the brickwork and provide a sound substrate to receive the system. The masonry then has Kenwood basement renders applied followed by our SWS tanking slurry. The slurry is applied usually by brush or trowel depending on the project.

Once cured, the walls are replastered using Kenwood specialist render containing waterproof additives and may be skimmed to provide a smooth finish for decoration. In the alternative, the cellar can be treated using a Cavity Drain Membrane. This involves fixing a studded membrane to the substrate incorporating perimeter drainage and channels leading to either a suitable drain or sump pump. This option is effective but will require routine maintenance of the sump pump to ensure the pumps operate in the event of water ingress. Kenwood pumps are fitted with an alarm and battery backup to alert users in the event of power failure.

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