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How to cure Damp

The cure for damp will vary depending on the type of damp which you have. It could be penetrating damp which could be caused by many defects.

For example a damaged gutter, if there is a crack or it has come away from the wall, the water which should travel along may leak onto the wall instead. Over time the brickwork soaks up this constant flow of water, once the gutter is repaired the wall should naturally dry out through evaporation over time however in many cases will require replastering using a suitable product.

If it is down to a leak from a pipe, then much the same as the above applies, once it has been rectified, the walls should dry out over time. When the source of dampness is condensation this is solved by improving the ventilation within the room.

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black and green mould growth on wallsCondensation is caused by the moisture in the atmosphere coming into contact with a cold surface, typically around windows and on external walls. This causes unsightly mould growth which without treatment will only get worse over time. This is not a problem every occupant of a property will experience as it is often dependant on living styles.

Simple Solutions

The solution could be as simple as opening windows, especially when cooking, bathing etc. or drying clothes outside where possible. In some cases it could require the use of a humidity control unit, these introduce fresh air into the property whilst installing vents will allow the moist air to escape.

When damp is cause by a defect to the damp proof course, a new one is required. This is achieved by injecting Kenwood siliconate solution into the brickwork to form a chemical damp proof course within the affected walls. To complete the system the walls are replastered using a render containing waterproof additives giving a further level of protection.

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