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How to deal with Damp

Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp or Condensation

In order to deal with damp you need to firstly work out the source of damp ie Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp or Condensation.

Rising Dampness

To deal with Rising Damp you need to make sure that the damp proof course is working, our experts can confirm this. If it isn’t working effectively our specialists can remove contaminated plaster down to the brickwork, drill holes into the walls and insert a chemical damp proof course, then a waterproof render will be put onto the walls along with a smooth plaster finish.

Penetrating Dampness

You need to work out the cause of penetrating damp before treating it. Start by examining guttering & down pipes for leaks and crack’s, check the roof for defective flashings and loose tiles, check doors and window frames for any gaps and check pointing in the brick work for any defects. Once you’ve found where the water may be leaking through, you will need to ask a general builder, roofer or guttering contractor to repair the fault found. The walls may need to be replastered using a wateproof render such as Kenwood premix system.


Condensation is a form of dampness which causes mould to grow on walls, ceilings and windows etc. Condensation occurs when moisture laden air has contact with cold surface areas, by simply improving ventilation will dramatically reduce condensation, ie open windows, installing mechanical extractors. Keeping the rooms well ventilated and a low setting of heat will also minimise condensation. Condensation can appear in old and new properties, day-to-day activities such as cooking, washing and drying clothes, heating and even breathing can produce condensation.

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