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In London damp is a common problem. As the weather changes throughout the year the damp proofing of properties is put to the test any inadequately proofed old buildings face the effects of rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Rotting timber, fungus, mould, damaged paintwork, unpleasant smells and stains are only some of the results of untreated damp. If you have noticed any signs of these around your property or are concerned that your property is not effectively protected from damp then we’re here to help.

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Has Your Property Been Properly Surveyed?

When you’re looking to buy a property it’s important that you get it looked at by an expert to ensure that it is in a good condition, but so many people often neglect checking for damp in their new properties. The same goes for property owners trying to sell. If you don’t have your property checked and properly protected against damp you may have a problem when selling it. That’s why we want to provide all property owners and potential property owners in Archway N19 with a free damp survey. Our expert surveyors will be at the property and ready to perform a thorough inspection. We can provide surveys for owners, buyers, landlords, estate agents and developers and our reports are professionally recognised. We’ll collate and deliver our damp and timber reports in a timely manner and with it we’ll also include a quote from us to solve any of the specialist problems that we find on the property. Our highly competitive, fixed price quotes last for up to three months and we can organise a payment plan with 0% interest for anyone that needs the services of our damp proofing specialists (subject to status).

Excellent Damp Proofing Services And Treatments In London

The damp proofing experts at Kenwood Plc are experienced, professional and always eager to help. We provide property owners all over London with a wide range of damp proofing services with 10 and 20 year guarantees. We can also offer insurance for some of our services, so you can feel safe knowing that we’ll be here to help. . We’re the marketing leading experts on damp proofing services with 30 years of history. Kenwood Plc are trustworthy, reliable professionals available to any and all property owners in Archway

Effective Treatments For Rot And Woodworm

Our damp experts have extensive knowledge of all types of damage that damp can cause, including rot and woodworm infestation. They know exactly how to treat, replace and protect timber and can minimise any damage that may be caused to your property. To eradicate and prevent woodworm infestations our experts use specially formulated Insecticide and the process only takes an hour to dry, so you won’t be left without a house for long.

The friendly Kenwood Plc team are help to take your call and answer any questions about our services. Simply call 0208 950 9070 to make an enquiry or book your free damp survey. You can also get in touch by email and get an approximate quote with the quote calculator on our site.

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