Damp Proofing Company in Bounds Green N7

Kenwood PLC has been a successful and reliable damp proofing company for over thirty years. Every year we provide great damp proofing services to many thousands of homes in the South East of the UK. All of our damp experts are highly experienced and have always prioritised the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. Our prices are competitive and our astounding guarantees will show you just how reliable we are. If you believe that your property is suffering with damp, and you’re in need of an effective method in order to remove it, then turn to Kenwood today.

Why Not Ask Us For A Free Damp Survey?

Whether you’ve got damp that needs inspecting or just want to make sure your property is fully protected, our damp proofing experts can tell you exactly what you need to do to prevent damp and how we can help. We’ll be on your property in the N7 area as soon as we’re available to conduct a thorough inspection and send you our report with all the information you could need. The report will tell you if there’s any trace of damp, where it might be coming from and what you need to do to get rid of it. We’ll also include a quote for our damp proofing services and our prices will always give you great value for quality work. If there are any properties that you’re looking into buying or renting out that need an inspection we can arrange the survey with the current owners or estate agents and deliver the report and quote to you.

Our Damp Experts Can Get Rid Of Damp And Its Effects

If your property in Bounds Green has been at all damaged by damp our damp experts will gladly do all that they can to get your property back to its original glory. We’re skilled and proficient at treating both dry and wet rot, which can seriously jeopardise the health of your property’s structure and become damaging to your health. We are also capable of treating woodworm and our guide to identifying fungal decay and insect infestation is used as a reference tool throughout the industry. We have our own range of products to ensure complete sterilisation and protection. Our premix waterproof rendering system is also incredibly effective at drying wall interiors and preventing rising damp in the future. All of our equipment and methods are of great quality and our customer service has always been a source of praise. You can trust our damp experts to rid you of all your worries and get your property back on top form in no time.

Get Your Property Damp Proofed Effectively By Our Damp Proof Specialists

Effective damp proofing is one of the most important parts of maintaining a property. Our damp proofing experts are all experienced, professional and ready to take on jobs of any size. Whether you’re damp proofing a small room or a castle, we’re at your service. Our damp proofing is guaranteed for 20 years and our structural waterproofing and taking is guaranteed for 10 years, so you know you’re getting good quality from us. Our services can protect all types of properties from damp and our specialists have the expert knowledge necessary to know exactly how to keep damp out of your home. Our damp course injection and waterproof membrane installation services will keep and your Bounds Green property dry and protected for years to come.

If you own a property in Bounds Green and are looking for top quality damp proofing and treatment services then call us on 0208 950 9070 for more information about us and our services, or to book your free damp survey.

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