Damp Proofing Specialists In Camden NW1

There are a lot of old buildings in Camden that are vulnerable to damp. Camden has a lot of history and many old buildings still standing and these are the places were damp is going to be a considerable problem if action isn’t taken to remedy. Kenwood PLC are damp and timber experts in London, qualified and experienced in damp treatments and proofing services, from replastering to damp course injection.

Do You Have A Problem With Damp On Your Property?

Damp is surprisingly common in London and there all sorts of small factors that can have dramatic consequences. Even the signs of damp can be subtle and hard to recognise.

If you haven’t had your property inspected for damp recently watch out for dark stains, peeling and blistering paint, mould and fungus, salt stains on the walls, musty smells and persistently wet areas. These are all signs of damp and if you call us early our highly experienced damp specialists can put an end to your damp problem before it gets too serious. Damp left untreated can rot the structure of a property and affect the wall and floors etc.

Get A Free Damp And Timber Survey Right Away

Our highly experienced damp experts will conduct a free damp survey on any property in the NW1 area. Whether you’re the current owner or looking to be the owner in the future, a quick call to us and we’ll be on our way, often as soon as the next day. Our damp experts know exactly what to look for and can spot the warning signs of damp early. Especially during the wetter weather, damp patches can appear due to moisture rising from the ground or penetrating the walls and our surveyors will make a detailed check of the walls to identify dampness and provide a suitable solution. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us, we’ll do our hardest to keep costs to a minimum and can even offer a payment plan (subject to status) if you need your property damp proofed with monthly repayments for up to 10 months, interest free.

Fast And Professional Damp Specialists

Our damp proofing services are extensive and long lasting. We can offer 10 and 20 year guarantees for some of our treatments as well as insurance, so you can rest assured that our work is amongst the best quality in the industry. Our damp proofing specialists come properly trained and highly recommended. Every one of them is friendly and helpful and will do their best to minimise any disruption on your Camden property.

Call 0208 950 9070 for more information on our services, to make an inquiry, or to receive your free damp survey. We’ll do our best to be at your property the next day and send your back your report as soon as possible.

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