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Damp Proofing Experts In Shepherds Bush

If you’re noticing dark patches forming on your walls, peeling wallpaper or blistering paint, a musty smell, or have found mould or fungus inside your property, then you more than likely have a damp problem. If you live in Shepherds Bush and have found signs of damp on your property then call Kenwood to investigate and treat the problem. We provide a range of services to deal with damp and mould in both commercial and domestic properties. We not only remove damp from properties; we also provide treatments to prevent damp in the future. These services include condensation control, damp course injection, tanking and structural waterproofing.

We’re available to visit and service all types of properties in Shepherds Bush and resolve a variety of damp related issues that you may find. So, if you’re a resident of the W12 area, you can rely on us to be quick, professional and reliable.

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Have You Found Damp On Your Property?

Damp is difficult to spot, but if it’s left untreated it could put your property in jeopardy. Overlooking the structural integrity of your property can be dangerous, so if you suspect that you have damp then don’t wait for it to get worse. Call Kenwood right away to get help from great damp experts in Shepherds Bush. We’ll give your property a full inspection and a quote for our excellent value and high quality services. Even if your not sure where you have damp , our thorough inspections will check your walls to ensure problems are not overlooked. You can book online for us to visit or telephone our helpful staff.

Free Damp Surveys And Inspections In W12

Often you may not realise you have damp in the home until it’s more advanced. We at Kenwood advise in taking action early and preventing damp before it gets to be a significant problem. Our damp specialists can inspect your property and utilising both experience and diagnostic techniques to analyse your damp levels. We are also available to conduct a full inspection of your property. After investigating the issues we’ll get back to you with our proposals and recommendations for any problems as well as a highly competitive quote. This service also extends to properties you are looking to buy, rent or lease. After your call we can arrange the investigation with your estate agent or tenant and send you the report the next day normally.

Experienced And Trusted Damp Proofing

Kenwood has been an established company for at least 30 years, with a lot of experience and knowledge in our field of work. Our structural treatments are guaranteed to last a minimum of ten years and we offer a variety of insurance products to make sure you’re getting the best quality care and peace of mind from us. We assist over 20,000 properties every year and have always taken pride in the quality of our work. We’re members of the Property Care Association & the Guarantee Protection trust and the so you can tell we’re reliable. Our main priority has always been to give our customers in London the best quality damp proofing services for good value prices.

If you live in Shepherds Bush and are in need of a damp proofing specialist or would like to have a free damp proofing survey conducted on your property then you can call Kenwood PLC on 0208 950 9070

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