Cellar treatment in Milton Keynes

Damp Proofing / Milton Keynes / Completed: 20 Sep 2015

Following an ongoing problem with water ingress within the cellar of a large detached house in Olney, Kenwood were called in to assess. Cellars such as this are constructed below ground and were not built to be dry spaces, hence are particularly susceptible to dampness and water ingress. The original walls had no form of waterproofing other than the mass of the walls themselves.


Before During After
Cellar Treatment in Milton Keynes 1 Cellar Treatment in Milton Keynes 2 Cellar Treatment in Milton Keynes 3


In order for our client to be able to use this space we have provide a waterproof tanking system throughout, including the walls, floors and ceilings. The original floor was constructed of brick which has now been replaced with a structural concrete floor that is capable of withstanding the hydrostatic pressure that is exerted on basement slabs.

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