Rising damp treatment to Almshouse in Waltham Cross

/ Waltham Cross / Completed: 9 Mar 2019

Almshouses have a history dating back to medieval times, the oldest foundation still going, dates back to circa 990. Traditionally these homes where created to provide medical care to the sick and elderly. The more modern Almshouses tended to be built in groups of 6-12 properties. The buildings were usually built in a three-sided square shape, this provided security and a sense of community for residents. Around 30% of the Almshouses built during Victorian times are still in used today. Our latest project was carried out to a property built in the 1900’s which required treatment for Rising Damp. Kenwood removed the wall plaster, injected a chemical damp proof course and replastered the walls. Kenwood worked with a local charity who look after these properties to carry out the works. We hope that the resident can now enjoy their damp free home.