Woodworm treatment in St Albans

Woodworm Treatment / St Albans / Completed: 10 Jun 2018

Woodworm infestation affects many residential and commercial properties and if left untreated can cause significant damage; this is caused as the beetles use the timber as a food source. There are a number of different wood boring beetles that can affect timbers and therefore a survey by an experience surveyor from Kenwood is essential. Where treatment is required this would normally be completed using our water based preservatives.

Our product is low odour and only requires the area to be vacated until surfaces are dry (minimum or 1 hour) after application of the treatment. The most common treatment would involve the lifting single rows of floorboards across the room in order to access the sub floor void. All accessible timbers are then sprayed with the preservative including joists and the underside of floorboards. Kenwoods treatments are covered by a comprehensive 20 year written guarantee for long term peace of mind. The property shown above has the floorboards removed as these are being renewed with new flooring timbers.

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