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How to tank a basement

Tanking a basement or cellar

Tanking a basementTanking a basement is the method of damp proofing in basements. Tanking is a generic name given to the process of waterproofing below ground walls and may refer to either one wall, a part of a wall or an entire basement.

Tanking is a special waterproof cement slurry which is applied to the walls / floors. Prior to treatment, the existing surface coatings require removal such as existing plasters, paint etc.

These are usually removed using chiselling machines and surface preparation tools such as scabblers, diamond surfacing and needle gunning. Alternatively some brick / concrete surfaces may be prepared by sand  or grit blasting.

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Remove wall and floor coatings

Basement tanking, removing wall and coating Having removed the coatings, the walls are made good by filling of any voids etc using concrete renders. The walls are then treated by the application of undercoat renders and multi coat application of tanking cement which is applied either by brush, spray or trowel.

Where walls and floors join a fillet strip may be installed and the tanking extended on to the concrete floor. Floors can then be screeded with a waterproof screed and the walls replastered using Kenwood Waterproof render system.

Kenwood tanking is an effective barrier for waterproofing basements and is installed by our own full time specialists utilising our vast experience with reliability assured.

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