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Replastering: Plastering After Damp Proofing

If I Have A Damp-Proof Course Installed Does Every Treated Wall Need Replastering?

Specialist plastering after damp proofing is an essential part of rising dampness treatment. The specialists here at Kenwood are experts in replastering damp walls and ensure your property is left damp proof and suitably rendered. A new damp proof course will prevent moisture rising into the walls.

When investing in a damp proofing course, you’re investing in peace of mind that your property will provide you with a comfortable, healthy home for you and your family, or an up-to-standards office for your employees. Correct waterproof rendering forms part of this.

Plastering After Damp Proofing

Why Do You Need Plastering After Damp Proofing?

Rising dampness brings soluble salts into the brickwork and wall plaster, which are hygroscopic. The effect of the hygroscopic salts prevents the existing wall plaster from drying out effectively and therefore replacement with a salt retardant render, such as Kenwood Waterproof Rendering System is essential in order to provide a dry internal finish.

What Materials Do Kenwood Use For Replastering A Damp Wall?

Unplastered Wall

Kenwood Premix Waterproof Rendering System is factory produced and consists of specially blended dried sands, cement, lime, aggregates and high performance waterproofing additives, along with polypropylene fibres to reduce shrinkage. These are weighed and mixed under a computer controlled system with rigorous quality control procedures. The highly technical way Kenwood PLC creates the perfect plastering solutions for you sets us apart. Kenwood’s waterproof rendering system, ensures perfectly batched renders every time, purpose designed to complement Kenwood Plc’s range of damp proofing systems.

For more about our recent works, including plastering after damp proofing and specialist replastering jobs for a practical understanding of what we can achieve.

Why Are Other Solutions No Good For Replastering A Damp Wall?

Kenwood Specialist Replastering

Most other renders in general use are hand mixed by operatives on-site and are measured by volume rather than weight. Kenwood’s Premix Waterproof Rendering System is a key feature in ensuring reliability of a damp proofing system. Our rendering system is specifically designed for use replastering a damp wall, and removes the risk of unsuitable, poorly batched renders, which are commonly responsible for the failure of otherwise effective damp treatment. Kenwood’s waterproof rendering system is applied by our own operatives ensuring complete quality control at all stages.


The Cost Of Replastering A Damp Wall

What Is The Cost of Plastering After Damp Proofing?

We provide a fixed price for our waterproof rendering and replastering works, which, quite uniquely to Kenwood PLC, ensures that once the plaster is removed, irrespective of the plaster thickness, the price remains the same. We do not make an additional charge when the plaster is found to be thicker than expected.

Is There A Different Cost For The Thickness Of The Wall plaster You Are Replastering After Damp Proofing?

When comparing quotations, it is important to note that most companies provide an estimated cost for the work involved in replastering damp walls, normally made on the assumption that the plaster does not exceed a certain thickness (often 18-25mm) and they will make an additional charge, if once the plaster has been taken off the wall, it is found to exceed this thickness.

Speak To Kenwood About Replastering Damp Walls Today

You can be assured that with Kenwood PLC, the price we quote for the rendering and plastering, is the price you will pay, and we do not request any additional charges if thicker plaster is encountered. You can be confident that the quoted price for the works specified remains fixed. Get in touch today with a friendly member of our team, and we would be delighted to help you. With Kenwood PLC you can feel reassured that your property will undergo the highest quality replastering service, in order to make it a happy, healthy environment for you and your family.

How Do I Book A Survey For Plastering After Damp Proofing?

You can book a survey for replastering as well as our other services, including structural waterproofing, with Kenwood PLC for any of the services we carry out.

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