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Damp Proofing Below Ground Level

Basement waterproofing design requires an appreciation of the local geography (elevation of water tables, soil type, etc.) and house design will also aid in determining the most suitable waterproofing system to protect your basement.  By considering the type of construction and the local conditions, the most appropriate methods of waterproofing can be selected.

Floor Replacement Options

Where existing solid floors are present, if structurally suitable a new waterproof screed can be installed over the existing floor slab. This involves the installation of a fillet strip around the perimeter of the basement and the application of tanking to the walls, fillet strip and floor to provide a continuous barrier. This ensures a good link between the walls and floor. If the existing floor slab in not adequate, a new concrete floor will be required, able to withstand the forces exerted upon it by hydro-static pressure.

If no waterproofing system is in place, this provides the ideal opportunity to upgrade the area to a completely waterproof tanked space.

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Moisture is the number one enemy of any basement.

Waterproof membranes whether flexible sheet or slurry applied are a must for any basement intended for habitable or safe storage use.

When water from the ground seeps through the walls or floors, the membrane will protect the internal room preventing the water from damaging the interior.

Waterproof membranes,  provide an excellent solution to waterproofing basements and we offer solid cement based tanking membranes and also our pumped cavity drain systems.

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