Damp Proofing Experts In Hammersmith

Kenwood proudly supply damp detecting and proofing services around Hammersmith W14. We are a successful company that’s been established for over 30 years and all of our damp specialists are highly experienced and knowledgeable. We offer a range of services and treatments to prevent and reduce damp in your domestic or commercial property. We pride ourselves on our affordable and top quality services.

Damp can appear gradually and worsen over time, so we at Kenwood will work as quickly as we can to put a stop to damp and guarantee you professionalism. Our damp proofing experts are excellent at finding the causes and putting an end to damp.

Worried About Damp In Your Home?

Damp may just be a small problem. But cant deteriorate If not dealt with early and can cause damage to your property. It rots wood, peels wallpaper and can lead to mould and fungus. So, if you have any reason to suspect that there is damp in your building, why not ask us for a damp survey in Hammersmith? We provide free damp surveys, often the next day after you get in touch. Our damp experts will meet with you or, if it’s not your property, with the owners or estate agents and inspect the property for any signs of damp or mould. If we do find anything that requires treatment, you’ll receive a report soon after with all of information you need, including a quote to resolve the problem. You can book a free damp survey online or call us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Our damp specialists guarantee to carry out a thorough investigation of your property and if required, give you a great value, competitive quote.

Prevent Rising Damp With Damp Proof Course Installation

One method to prevent damp from rising into your home is to install damp proof course. A waterproof material is placed inside the walls to prevent rising damp which if left un-treated, can lead to timber decay and mould. Our damp proofing experts install our own special waterproof injection materials or depending on the type of masonry, Kenwood DPC cream, into masonry walls by drilling a series of small holes and injecting it. Our damp course injection services are only the start of our broad range of treatments to reduce and prevent damp in your property. We also offer a specialist replastering service in Hammersmith with a waterproof rendering system that’s uniquely ours. With Kenwood’s Premix Waterproof Rendering System your walls interiors will dry effectively and rising damp will cease to be a problem. What’s even better is that these treatments last for over 20 years.

Kenwood’s Damp Specialists

Kenwood PLC has been a successful company for over thirty years, known for our reliability. We have extended our services to a wide range of properties – from homes to hospitals – and have always had a great relationship with the people we meet. We offer a range of payment options including a simple payment plan with 0% interest over a twelve month period. Our quotes are always clear and you’ll never find any hidden costs. The happiness of our customers and the quality of our work have always been our top priorities, which would explain why we’re number one in the market.

If you’d like to know more about our damp proofing services in Hammersmith then contact us on 0208 950 9070.

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