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There are three common types of damp that can affect a property, and these include rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Rising damp is caused by water from the ground that has entered the structure of the building, whereas penetrating damp can be caused by broken gutters. Condensation on the other hand, is caused when warm moist air meets cold surfaces such as external walls. When damp is left untreated, mould and rot can form.

Our damp proofing experts in Hammersmith have over 30 years’ experience in providing the most appropriate damp proofing techniques to both residential and commercial properties in West London and throughout the rest of the city. Dampness problems are often misdiagnosed and DIY treatments are sometimes used as a short term barrier. Instead of solving the damp problems, this can cause it to be more difficult to diagnose properly, and when left untreated it can lead to various structural problems through the development of dry rot and wet rot. Our damp proofing experts in Hammersmith can correctly diagnose the problems that your home is facing in order to ensure that any damp is eradicated.

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Is Your Property In Need Of A Thorough Damp Inspection?

If you have noticed some of the warning signs of damp in your property, you will need to ensure that you call our damp proofing experts quickly. We can carry out a thorough damp inspection so we know exactly how far the damp has spread and what has caused it, in order to provide you with the most appropriate treatment. The damp inspections that we carry out are free and thorough, and may also include checking under floorboards where appropriate to ensure that we know the extent of the damp. This will help us to determine which damp proofing techniques will be the most efficient against the damp and to protect the property.

Effective Damp Proofing Techniques For Properties In W6

Damp can be a complex problem to solve, and because of this it is important to ensure that the best treatment is implemented by using some of the most advanced damp proofing techniques available. Our damp proofing experts in W6 can provide you with just that, as well as using the latest diagnostic techniques to ensure that the damp is stopped quickly. We have many years of experience in treating both residential and commercial properties in W6 and across West London, and always provide the most effective damp proofing techniques for all of the properties.

For more information on the numerous services that we provide including timber treatments, cellar tanking and dry/wet rot treatments, contact us on 0208 950 9070 today.

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With a mixture of apartments, terraces and large Georgian houses that can be found in Hammersmith, we can find the most appropriate treatment for any damp problem no matter the size or style of the property we are treating. We provide a free inspection and damp survey for every enquiry that we receive here at Kenwood. We understand the need for any damp problem to be treated quickly, and so you can book a free damp inspection today, and we will aim to be with you to carry out the survey by the next day when possible.

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