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Hampstead is a desirable location for many looking to set up their home, however the geography of the area consists of many hills and slopes which can make these properties more susceptible to problems of dampness due to the varying ground levels and water courses which exist. Damp can be troublesome, and if left for long periods of time, it can even end causing damage to weaken the structure of a building such as decay to the floors etc. Rising damp can develop with the walls due to a poor existing damp proof course, and other forms of damp can equally cause damage within a property. As a leading damp proof specialist in North West London, we can provide you with a detailed free damp survey, in order to then suggest a range of treatments to suit your property. You can be sure that our expert team can provide you with an appropriate solution.

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Looking For An Expert Damp Team To Treat Your Property?

You can ensure that your property is protected from damp with the help of our expert damp team. They will provide you with any information that you need, while getting rid of damp in your residential or commercial property. In addition to this, we provide all of our customers with guarantees for the damp treatments that we provide, in order to ensure that they will last for many years to come. Your home is important to you, and we understand how much of an inconvenience damp within your property can be, particularly at a time when it is least expected. You can make sure that your investment in your property is protected, with the help of our extensive range of damp treatments.

Efficient Damp Treatments In Hampstead

Whether we install a damp proof course, or a damp course injection in your walls, we will make sure that it is carried out as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our team will make sure that they cause minimal disruption to your day, in order to provide you with the most proficient damp treatment service possible. We always put our customers and their needs first, so you can be sure that you’re getting a first class service, every time. Whether you’re in need of condensation treatment, or something a little more extensive, with some of the latest treatments available, as well as through using the latest diagnostic equipment, you can be certain that we will have everything that you need to eradicate damp in your property completely.

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As a Chartered Building Company, and full members of the principle Associations, you can be certain that you are in the safest of hands throughout your damp treatment. Here at Kenwood Plc, we are a leading damp firm in North West London, and always aim to provide you with the most extensive and thorough free damp survey for your property in Hampstead. All of our team are highly trained professionals, and damp proofing specialists, meaning you will always receive high standards of expertise throughout the entire process. Not only will we treat your damp problem, we will also protect your property with our long term guarantees. Get in touch with a specialist member of our leading damp firm today!

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