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Structural Waterproofing

In many situations where high ground levels or changes in ground level are present, such as lower ground floor flats, earth retaining walls and many basements or garden flats, walls will require structural waterproofing (commonly referred to as tanking) to provide a dry internal finish. Very often this will eliminate the need to lower external ground levels and overcomes problems of high adjacent pavements and neighbouring properties.

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Chemical Damp ProofingStructural waterproofing is often carried out in conjunction with chemical damp proofing. The chemical damp proof course is installed above the external ground level and the masonry below is waterproofed using a cementicious compound such as Kenwood SWS (Structural Waterproofing System) or Kenwood Rapid, which is designed to withstand the water pressure adjacent and prevent the passage of water.

Effective treatment requires the brickwork to be suitably prepared by removal of existing paints and plaster etc., from the walls to be treated.

The process

Removal of plaster and paint finishesKenwood remove plaster and paint finishes using a range of specialist equipment, including pneumatic chiselling machines, needle guns, scarifiers and scabbling equipment which will effectively remove existing finishes and provide a keyed finish to the masonry, ready to receive the waterproofing treatments.

Once the masonry is suitably prepared, surfaces are thoroughly treated using waterproof cementicious compounds, which are either brush applied, low pressure spray coated, or applied by trowel, depending on the particular installation.


Basement Waterproofing Systems

Basement Waterproofing SystemsKenwood SWS and Kenwood rapid are chemically modified cements which are factory blended with binders and dried aggregates, specifically designed to bond to the substrate and prevent the ingress of water. The waterproofing treatments are applied by our own skilled technicians. In conjunction with our waterproof rendering systems, this will provide a dry internal finish. Our basement waterproofing will provide effective treatment of dampness and is covered by a comprehensive ten year guarantee.

Suitable for damp treatment of existing basements

Damp Proofing Existing BasementsOur treatments are suitable for damp treatment of existing basements, retaining walls and also for preventing moisture ingress in ‘new build’ earth retaining structures. Our waterproofing systems have been in widespread use for over twenty years and offer a reliable, cost effective method of treatment. Additionally, they have the benefit that walls are finished using traditional solid plastering methods, in keeping with many older properties.

Basement waterproofing is essential in habitable basements, where ground water is likely to build up in the soil and combined with the hydrostatic pressure, allows water ingress through the walls. Left untreated, it can lead to mould, decay and other moisture associated problems.

Applying Basement waterproofing Applying Basement waterproofing