What Is Condensation and How Do You Control It?

30 Jan 2023
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Condensation is an incredibly common type of dampness experienced in buildings. However, it can be a challenge to diagnose and control condensation. Often, the scale of the condensation problem is underestimated and it’s left untreated. This is not recommended, as it can eventually result in damage to decoration and building fabric, mould growth and over time, create unhealthy living conditions. 

If you suspect that you’ve got condensation problems in your residential building, then it’s crucial that you contact a professional firm such as Kenwood PLC to help rectify this problem. We can visit your domestic property and implement condensation control solutions that resolve the issue. Read on below to learn more about what condensation is, and how our condensation experts can help you today. 

Causes of Condensation

Condensation is quite commonly caused by improvements made to buildings – for example, insulation, double glazing and draft proofing. All three are good additions to any home, but at the same time, each one reduces the ventilation in the property and increases the relative air humidity (the amount of moisture in the air in your home). Fundamentally, condensation is caused by poor ventilation and heating control. 

Even everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, drying clothes and breathing can produce moisture in your home. This moisture needs to be vented to stop cold surfaces becoming damp and mouldy. In minor condensation cases, occupants of the property can improve the situation by better managing the ventilation process. This might be as simple as opening windows or remembering to use the extractor fans in the property. 

All in all, if you notice water running down your windows, black or green mould growth developing, and a nasty musty smell, you’ve likely got condensation and you need to book a specialist from Kenwood PLC. 

Controlling Condensation

Condensation in a residential property – whether it’s a block of flats or single home – can be controlled in a variety of ways. At Kenwood PLC, we can supply and install condensation control systems which are automated and will guarantee proper ventilation as needed in your property. All of our specialists are fully trained and qualified, and can ensure minimal disruption to you and your daily life at home; we usually install in just one day. 

Our condensation control solutions aim to improve the indoor air quality in your space, by eliminating the damp laden air and providing a supply of fresh, filtered air. Our Kenwood Humidivent System is perfect for utility areas, kitchens and bathrooms in homes. It is a low-cost system that’s suited for scenarios where damp or moisture problems are isolated to a single room. Essentially this system involves an electronically controlled extractor unit with full automation. It will continually extract moisture and boost when excessive moisture is present too. 

Furthermore, the Kenwood Heat Recovery System is appropriate for single rooms like bedrooms. This system ensures quiet trickle ventilation, whilst simultaneously maintaining heat recovery, minimising heat loss and keeping running costs low. It provides an input of tempered dry air, and also subtly removes damp, moisture-laden air to the outside environment. It is very quiet so it’ll cause minimal disruption to your life at home. 

For flats which are experiencing condensation problems, the Kenwood Positive Pressure Ventilation System is ideal. The implementation involves fitting a Kenwood condensation control unit to an external wall. This system operates by introducing fresh, filtered air into the home. When the weather is cooler, the automated temperature sensor will be activated, and this unit will temper the incoming air to prevent heat loss.

Searching for Condensation Specialists?

If you are experiencing condensation issues within your home, and are looking for a reputable company that specialises in condensation control, then Kenwood PLC is the company to come to. We offer a wide range of effective systems for condensation control in London; our systems include simple extractor ventilators, single room solutions, heat recovery ventilators, and full positive pressure ventilation systems. Overall, our solutions will ensure that air circulation is optimal within your property. 

We have more than 30 years of experience in business, and we’ve worked at thousands of properties during this time, so we’re fully capable of assisting you. All of our damp proofing services come with a 20-year guarantee, and all work is completed by our highly skilled technicians and surveyors. To learn more about our condensation control services, please feel free to contact our team today.
You can drop us a message via the online form on our website, email us at info@kenwoodplc.co.uk or call us on 01923 242441. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also organise for a surveyor to visit your property for a home survey and provide you with a competitive quote for your condensation control needs and requirements.

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