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Instant Damp Proofing Prices Online

How much does a damp proof course cost?

Simply estimate the damp affected area in metres and add any of the options. We offer 0% Finance.


Simply measure the length of wall(s) or estimate it in metres to obtain an approximate price BELOW (subject to visit and survey).

Please note the height is fixed to 1m and the costs are calculated to the nearest metre.

Optional Extras:
Plaster Removal
Kenwood Waterproof rendering system
Final plaster skim finish
Move radiators
Bay Windows
Interest free credit

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We have a number of engineers across the South East, so we can easily and quickly find a time convenient to you.

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How much does a damp proof course cost?

When considering damp treatment cost or the cost of damp proofing, it’s important to call a professional to solve the problem. Here at Kenwood, our damp proofing specialists will work across London and the South East to ensure that your home is safe and damp-free whether you’re suffering from a patch of damp or finding water in your basement. Damp proof courses, waterproof rendering, sumps and pumps, tanking, cavity membranes and more are all available, and we can provide you with a damp proofing cost online today.

Whether you find yourself faces with rising dampness, penetrating damp or condensation, we here at Kenwood have plenty of experience in treating them all and providing our customers with reasonable damp proofing prices. Rising dampness is the kind of damp that travels up your walls. Water is tracked up through the masonry of your building due to capillary action, in which water from the ground is absorbed. Rising dampness can develop due to a lack of effective damp proof course, or a lack of damp proofing in general, but here at Kenwood we can provide a good damp proof course price, and provide the repairs once they are needed.

Penetrating damp is when water finds its way into you home. Penetrating damp is often caused by structural problems in a properly, whether it be broken guttering, badly fitted windows, missing roof tiles or something more, and while this is often easily detectable from external inspection

Damp Proofing Prices Online

With engineers all across the South East and London, we can easily find you  one of our surveyor’s for a Damp Survey (free in most parts of London) at a time convenient for you, but if you would like a general idea as to what your repairs might cost, we can give you an instant damp proofing price quote. It’s as simple as estimating or measuring the damp-affected area and deciding if you would like any extras, and we can give you a quote instantly. It’s easy to adjust the information you’ve input into the system too, giving you a tailored cost of damp proofing no matter what you change.

You can also request a damp survey online too by filling out the simple form, or request a call back from one of our engineers for an offline damp proof course cost quote. We do our utmost to ensure that your damp treatment cost is affordable and of a good value, whether you need plaster removal, a Kenwood Waterproof rendering system, or a damp proofing cost for your bay windows or chimney. So no matter what you need done, book a survey with Kenwood today. Our engineers are available to work wherever you are in the South East or London. With over 30 years of experience we can assure you a job well done. For an online quote on your damp proofing cost, use our tool below.