Vault Tanking in South West London

Basement Tanking / South West London / Completed: 1 Dec 2021

Many older London homes have storage vaults, these subterranean spaces were traditionally used for storing coal. As such these spaces were not built to be damp free, building regulations were very different in the Victorian times. With space in London at a premium, converting these into dry usable rooms is a great way to increase space and add value to a property.  In order to ensure these vaulted areas are dry the walls require a tanking system. Tanking is an impervious barrier which prevents lateral dampness pushing through the brickwork. The walls are then rendered using Kenwood specialist render, which contains waterproof additives and salt inhibitors. To create a fully enclosed dry space the floor is coated with Kenwood SWS and a waterproof floor screed. This prevents water penetration creating additional storage or potentially habitable spaces.

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