At Kenwood Plc, we’re expert damp proofing specialists who work in London & across the South East of England. We also specialise in Basement Waterproofing, Condensation Control, Dry rot and Woodworm infestation. As market leading experts, established for over 30 years, we’re your ideal specialists for solving damp problems within your home. With over 3,000 jobs finished and guaranteed every year, our customers can have the confidence of using a tried and tested company with the reputation to match.

Where We Operate

Our damp proofing and other damp treatment services can be carried out in both domestic and commercial properties. Kenwood PLC operate and provide damp proofing in London and around the South East of England and in the Home Counties.

If you are selling your home and are looking to repair a damp issue that has been flagged up on your property survey, then Kenwood PLC are the right company for you. With damp treatment and repairs, it is essential that the cause of the problem is properly identified. Causes of damp are usually due to the deterioration of the buildings fabric, high ground levels, a lack of maintenance or poor ventilation. Whatever the issue, our damp proofing London specialists will be able to help, advise and provide reliable solutions.

Comprehensive Range Of Damp Treatments

If you are concerned about a property that you’re thinking about buying, renovating a building or fixing a damp wall in a property that you own or let out, Kenwood PLC can assist. We offer a comprehensive range of damp proofing treatments and our reliable damp specialist service is certain to get the job done. We also offer damp proofing London treatments and tanking and waterproofing solutions for new and existing basements.

Our Services

Recognised Damp Treatment Guarantees

Typically, the damp courses and the damp treatments that we offer are guaranteed to last in excess of 20 years. When it comes to the tanking and structural waterproofing services, however, we provide guarantees for up to 10 years of protection. All works will be carried out by damp specialists and we also offer guaranteed solutions for a wide range of timber treatments and other damp repairs, which are recognised and accepted by all mortgage lenders as proof of work correctly undertaken.

Our Damp Specialists

Our experienced surveyors will inspect the property and identify the causes of dampness before providing you with a report of our findings. If a form of damp treatment is required, we will provide a detailed, transparent quotation explaining the nature of the proposed works. Our team of damp specialists will always keep you in the loop and will be able to recommend the best course of damp proofing for your specific property.

Full range of services and treatments

We have the specialist knowledge and expertise required to ensure complete control of your damp and timber issues. We pride ourselves on being the leading Damp & Timber Specialists for damp proofing in London and the Home Counties. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements or to arrange for a damp survey to be completed on your property. Some dampness, especially condensation can appear suddenly and result in significant mould, often within cupboards and behind furniture. Our range of services include resolving problems caused by poor heating and ventilation  along with structural damp problems requiring damp proof courses, waterproofing and tanking.

Rising Damp & Damp Proofing

Rising damp is often only detected when a property is ‘surveyed’ during a sale or purchase, which means damp may not be visually dramatic. However, if rising damp is left untreated, it can cause significant structural problems and lead to other issues such as wet or dry rot in floors or joinery.  This is often the case when the problem has been present for some time as a result of the floor voids not being well ventilated with sufficient air bricks. Treatment of rising damp typically requires removal of the skirting boards and internal plaster, followed by the installation of a new damp proof course. Once this has been installed, we replaster the walls with a waterproof specialist plaster.

Alternatively, penetrating damp due to leaking gutters and down pipes may have been left unrepaired for many years and can cause plaster to fail and rot to occur. Where such dampness occurs, an inspection of the extent of the problem and the condition of the adjacent timbers is recommended to provide an accurate evaluation of the most appropriate damp treatment.


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